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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

[MBF Card] The BonusLink Reward Program

Collecting Your BonusLink Points

For every RM10 you spend on your MBF card, you collect 3 BonusLink points.

With over 3,000 participating outlets, you have more opportunities to collect points, allowing you the chance to reap more rewards.

Plus, only MBF CardMember get to collect TWO sets of points from each transaction. One set from MBF Cards, another set from other BonusLink participating outlets.

Check out the annual BonusLink Rewards Catalogue for comprehenssive list of what can be redeemed with your BonusLink Points or log on to

*Please note that cash advances, transactions at petrol stations, bill payments to government bodies are not accorded with BonusLink Points.

Annual Fee Waiver

You can also use your BonusLink Points to offset your MBF Cards Annual Membership Fee.

More info, please refer

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