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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hong Leong Credit Card Promotion : Starbucks Coffe on us Everyday

Stand a chance to win computer when participating in this contest!

Contest Period:
commences from 1st September 2010 and will end on 31st December 2010



3. Get a complimentary Starbucks Coffee when you sign up for a NEW Debit Card and make one (1) retail purchase with minimum retail spend of RM50 and above within thirty ( 30) days from the card issued date excluding Cash Withdrawal, Cash Deposit or IBG transactions.

4. For existing Debit Cardmembers, just spend a minimum of five (5) swipes a month with minimum retail purchase of RM50 and above per swipe and/ or of in a single receipt and get a complimentary Starbucks Coffee. Limited to the first 2,000 customers per month.

5. A Cardmember is entitled to redeem for an unlimited Starbucks Coffee throughout the Promotion Period on first come first serve basis, while stock last.

6. New Debit Cardmembers who qualify for the complimentary Starbucks Coffee will be notified via SMS within sixty (60) days from the Debit Card issued date.

7. Existing Debit Cardmembers who made a minimum of five (5) swipes per month will also be notified via SMS within sixty (60) days after end of each month.

8. All eligible Debit Cardmembers are required to present the SMS at designated HLB/HLISB branches to collect the Starbucks Coffee voucher personally within thirty (30) days from the date of SMS. Failing which the Starbucks Coffee voucher will be forfeited and not transferable.
9. The SMS will be deleted by the branch staff once the Starbucks Coffee voucher(s) have been collected.


10. There are three (3) winners for each month and total of twelve (12) winners throughout the Promotion Period to win the Lenovo Netbook (Model: Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3 ).

11. Eligibility for Contest entries:
1. New Debit Card Application = 10 entries.
2. Every retail purchase of RM50 and above in a single receipt = 1 entry.

12. The contest entries will be automatically tracked by HLB/HLISB to determine the total eligible entries. The manner and method on how HLB/HLISB track the contest entries shall not be questioned and all decisions made by HLB/HLISB pursuant to the tracking system shall be final.

13. Twenty (20) qualified Cardmembers will be selected at the end of each month based on the entries which are posted and reflected in HLB/HLISB's system. The shortlisted Cardmembers will then be contacted by HLB/HLISB or its appointed representatives on a best effort basis at the latest telephone number(s) as shown in HLB/HLISB's records ONCE at any time during office hours to answer two (2) questions.

14. Upon being contacted by HLB/HLISB or its appointed representatives for the Question & Answer session ("Q&A"), should the shortlisted Cardmembers fail to answer the telephone after 5 rings for any reason, Cardmembers are deemed to have missed the winning chance and HLB/HLISB or its appointed representative will then select the next shortlisted Cardmembers for the Q&A.

15. The three (3) Cardmembers each month who answer the most questions correctly in the fastest time will be declared "The Winner".

16. Cardmembers will not be notified on-the-spot whether he/she is the Winner after the Q&A session. The Winners of the Contest will be notified by HLB/HLISB either in writing or by phone latest by 28th February 2011 . The list of Winners will also be posted in HLB/HLISB's website - / If Cardmembers do not receive a notification in writing or call from HLB/HLISB before 28th February 2011 , Cardmembers are deemed NOT the winner for the Contest.

17. Cardmembers do not need to submit any contest entry forms or mail-in any transaction slips as proof of entry to participate for the Contest. Cardmember's eligibility will be tracked automatically by HLB/HLISB system.

18. Cardmembers are entitled to an unlimited number of contest entries throughout the Promotion Period. However, each Cardmember can only win one (1) prize throughout the Promotion Period.

19. Permanent or contract employees of HLB/HLISB, its advertising and promotion agents, vendors and their immediate family members (spouses, children, parents, brothers and sisters) are NOT eligible to participate in the Contest.

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