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Monday, September 7, 2009

Email Cash Pro - Read Email And Make Money

Email Cash Pro - Read Email And Make Money

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What is Email Cash Pro?
Email Cash Pro is the website from Singapore, you can earn some extra money by just receiving and read the email. Now this comapny is opening for worldwide and it has becomeone of the most successful comapny in Singapore. Even posted in Singapore news paper (the Sunday times 22 april 2007)

Why Email Cash Pro?
1. All salary paid in Singapore dollar.
2. You'll receive salary by just read and receive email from company.
3. You'll only receive the email that based on your interests only. (can choose up to 15 choices)
4. It's not hard to get S$ 100.
5. Most important it's free to register.
6. Invite your friend to sign up. Once your down lines hits 20 peoples, you'll get S$5.00 as bonus.
7. As long as you open the email with *** Reward***then click the ***paid link***for at least 30 seconds, then 1 point will be credited to your account.
8. As long as your account has S$ 11.00, you can request company to send out the money to your doorstep.
9. You only need to provide your name and email address during registration, nothing can be done by using this 2 information. 100% safe
10. Everyone, every email address that you see, might become your down line. Chances everywhere.
11. Easy job. Once register, change the link at below to yours, after that forward this email to every email address.
12. If this email can attract you, then it can attract other people too.

How to earn from Email Cash Pro?
This in not kidding based on company's 4 level system. Below is just one of the easiest sample.
Remember that,
- you can have 50% of the total points of your 1st level down lines (which directly sponsored by you)
- you can have 20% of the total points of your 2nd level down lines
- you can have 15% of the total points of your 3rd level down lines
- you can have 10% of the total points of your 4rd level down lines

If you manage to find 20 peoples as your 1st level down lines,
and this 20 ppls manage to get another 20 peoples, that's means your 2nds level has 400 ppls.
If this 400 find another 20 ppls, so your 3rd level is 8000ppls.
This 8000 find another 20, your 4th level is 160,000 peoples.

Let's see what will happen on your monthly income.

Assume that company will send to each ppl 10 mails per month (in fact, it does), so,

You will have 10 points (each email equal to 1 point)

1st level = 20x 10 = 200 points and you will get 100 points (50%)
2nd level = 400x 10 = 4000 points and you will get 800 points (20%)
3rd level = 8000x 10 = 80000 points and you will get 12000 points (15%)
4th level = 16000 x10 = 160000 points and you will get 16,000 points (10%)

Total in a month you will get 172910 points
How much money you can get?
Each point is around S$0.01 to S$0.05, we assume that 1 point = S$0.01 so 172910 points equal to S$1729.00

How Email Cash Pro Work?
1) Every advertisement that company send to you will have a title "Reward".

2) Open that email then click "paid link"
3) This link will lead you to an advertisement, open this ad for at least 30 seconds.

4) If the page show "Your Account Have Been Credited", means 1 point will be credited to your account.

How to withdrawn from Email Cash Pro?

1) Once your account hit S$ 11.00, you can request company to send out the money. Beside than Malaysian and Singaporean can get by cheque or Paypal, the rest of the countries will only getthru Paypal.

How to find your downline?

1) Send this email to your friends after register. []

2) Get the banner from Email Cash Pro after you register wit Email Cash Pro, paste it at your blog, website and forum.

What you should do now?
Step 1: Sign up as a member for FREE []
Step 2: Read emails that you are interested
Step 3: Receive cheque in your letter box

Free register at


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